How to Join


Is there a possibility that you have a Patriot ancestor?

Patriotic service includes not only military service but also civil service and other actions showing patriotism. That includes providing material aid to the cause, signing petitions or swearing an Oath of Allegiance. Some Daughters have traced their genealogy back to women Patriots, people of color and many others who helped the cause of freedom but were not soldiers.

We welcome all eligible women age 18 and older, regardless of race, ethnic background, or religion. If you think you may be related to an American Revolutionary War Patriot, please visit the NSDAR page to learn more here

How to Apply to Join NSDAR

A prospective member must provide documentation proving her lineage, starting with herself and ending with her Patriot. Life events that must be proven and documented are birth, marriage, and death for each generation; the parent-child relationships must also be clear between the generations.

Do not be intimidated by the prospect of looming research! Volunteers at the state and chapter levels are available to help you trace your lineage and prepare your application. Our registrar has taken advanced genealogy coursework to help you discover your roots in the American Revolution, and we invite you to email her to begin your application.

Information at your fingertips

Curious about other chapters in this part of Oregon? Eager to do a little hunting of your own in the genealogy realm? If that sounds like you, here are some links to help.

If you have any questions about joining the DAR and the Tabitha Moffatt Brown-David Hill Chapter, NSDAR, please email our registrar and she’ll be happy to help you get started!

  • Start With What You Know: The first of a series of articles from NSDAR genealogy offers a comprehensive list of ideas and places to start researching your family history
  • Minority Research: For prospective and current members of the DAR whose ancestors were of African American, Spanish, Native American, or Jewish descent, this research guide from NSDAR is invaluable in providing resources and research procedures
  • Genealogy Resources: Our counterpart organization for men, the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), offers a series of genealogical guides and resources for researching your roots in the American Revolution
  • Chapter Locator“: If you are not sure which DAR chapter works best for you, just put your ZIP code into this easy link

In Her Words

“The thing I love best about being in DAR is association with other patriotic women who strive to keep history alive with historical events, encourage patriotism in everyone, and educate all.”

“In the few short months that I’ve been part of the Tabitha Moffatt Brown-David Hill Chapter, I’ve discovered a wonderful group of women who are dedicated to preserving American history and their own family lines, and to serving our local community through charitable works. It’s been great!”

Junior Membership

NSDAR Pages at the 131st Continental CongressDAR members under the age of 36 are Junior members of the National Society. They hold full membership in DAR and are encouraged to serve as officers and committee chairs. Our chapter currently has several Juniors and we look forward to more joining them.

Junior members may serve as pages within the State and National Societies. Pages are recognizable at conferences and business meetings by their all-white attire.

National Society Children of the American Revolution

The National Society Children of the American Revolution (N.S.C.A.R. or C.A.R.) is a separate organization for boys and girls under the age of 22 who are “lineally descended from a man or woman who, with unfailing loyalty, rendered material aid to the cause of American Independence as a soldier, sailor, civil officer, or recognized patriot in one of the several Colonies or States, or of the United States.” The DAR supports the C.A.R. by mentoring members as chapter leaders, engaging current members, recruiting future C.A.R. members, and donating to local societies.

Female C.A.R. members between the ages of 18 and 22 are also eligible for membership in the NSDAR as Junior Members.

Click here to learn more about the C.A.R.