Patriotism is the foundation of many of the activities of the DAR. Our National Society encourages all DAR members to participate in its many committees that promote patriotism, including the Service to America Committee, National Defense Committee, and DAR Service for Veterans Committee. The Tabitha Moffatt Brown-David Hill Chapter, NSDAR, strives to meet this goal in many ways.

Our chapter enjoys celebrating our country. We march in Independence Day parades and hand out flags at summer farmers’ markets. We remember the United States Constitution during Constitution Week in September. We ring bells as our ancestors did in Philadelphia in 1787.

Members of the Tabitha Moffatt Brown-David Hill Chapter, NSDAR, hold a valentine-making event for Veterans, toy drives for local children during the holidays, and canned food drives to support our community. We seek proclamations from our local city governments to honor our United States Constitution.

We donate our chapter fundraising efforts to help those in our community. Our members have voted to send money to help with wildfire restoration in our state. Our funds have also bought books for an English as a Second Language (ESL) program for the Beaverton School District, gone toward supporting a local wildlife preserve in Hillsboro, and much more.

How Our Chapter Supports Patriotism

Military and Veterans

The Tabitha Moffatt Brown-David Hill Chapter, NSDAR, supports our military forces and veterans. On Veterans Day, we visit two assisted living centers in Hillsboro and Forest Grove, where we hold events for the veterans who live there. We collect baby items for Operation Diaper Bag, a program at the Portland Veterans Administration (VA) Medical Center. These items go to veteran families expecting a baby.

We support our military as they come home. We attend Stand Down ceremonies, including those held in Hillsboro. We bring needed supplies for their transition to civilian life.

Naturalization Ceremonies

Members of the Tabitha Moffatt Brown-David Hill Chapter, NSDAR, are regular attendees at naturalization ceremonies in Beaverton and Portland, where we welcome our newest Americans.

Valentines for Veterans

A longstanding tradition in our chapter is making valentines for veterans. We host a valentine-making party in the Aloha area each year, and people of all ages participate. We send our handmade beauties to our troops overseas and our veterans at the VA hospital and to veterans’ homes around Oregon. Active-duty troops have received our valentines while stationed around the world. We have often included additional treats like recent movies and snacks in the care package.

It is indicative of our resolve as a chapter that we have persevered in this act of charity no matter the hardships that are thrown our way. These include the major snowstorms of January 2017 and more recently, the pandemic. We recruited friends and neighbors to assist us. They dropped their cards off safely at our doorsteps.

DAR Programs and Resources on Patriotism

Interested in learning more about the DAR’s involvement in promoting patriotism? Click here and on the links below to learn more. Contact us to learn how you can get involved.